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Who we are

VSM Weavess

We are VSM Weaves, a leading manufacturer of quality woven fabric and yarns. Our expertise in weaving has been honed over many years, and we are dedicated to delivering quality and consistency to our customers.

We are a customer-focused organisation that takes pride in providing world-class products at competitive prices.

Commitment to Quality

At VSM Weavess, our commitment to quality is at the core of everything we do. This philosophy is reflected in our processes and operations, and enables us to consistently deliver customer-specific products that meet our customers' expectations.

Our focus on quality has won us the patronage of a loyal clientele, and we are proud of the reputation we have built as a manufacturer of world-class repute.

Our Product Range

Our product range includes yarns and woven fabrics. Our forte is Sustainable cellulosic fabric such as Viscose, Modal, Lyocell and we are proud to be a leading supplier in this market. Our products are in high demand across India, as well as in South America, Asia, and Europe, where we have a strong presence, especially in countries such as the South Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, Italy, Portugal and Belgium.


At VSM Weaves, our mission is to be the preferred global textile partner, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions with our weaving expertise. Through lasting customer relationships, we aim to provide exceptional value and contribute to the success of our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be globally recognized as a leader in excellence, innovation, and customer service. At VSM Weaves, we strive to achieve this by investing in cutting-edge technology, embracing sustainability practices, and conducting ongoing research. Upholding the core values of integrity, respect, and social responsibility, we are dedicated to creating a better world for our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Why VSM?

VSM Weavess is a leading manufacturer in the textile industry with a focus on superior quality products and cutting-edge technology. Our expertise in weaving and garmenting of Yarns, and Woven Fabrics has earned us a reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction.



Over three decades of experience in the industry, skilled and experienced team.


R & D

Committed to innovation and continuous improvement through research and development.


Ethical Responsibility

Follow ethical practices and contribute to social causes such as education, healthcare, and the environment.



Committed to eco-friendly materials and processes for ethical manufacturing and a minimal impact on the environment.



Over 7000 skilled and dedicated employees working together to produce high-quality textiles.


Global Reach

Serving customers in over 45 countries with customized solutions to meet unique needs.



Serving customers in over 45 countries with customized solutions to meet unique needs.

Right Quality

We are committed to delivering textiles that meet our customers' exacting standards.

Timely Delivery

We pride ourselves on delivering products to our customers on time and in full.

Largest Quantity

With a production capacity of 6,50,000 Metres/day, we can meet the most demanding orders for Woven Fabrics

High Volume Wide Range

Our 1000 Japanese Airjet looms enable us to produce a wide range of textiles at high volumes.

Market Affordable

We believe that quality textiles should be accessible to all, and we work hard to keep our prices competitive.

World-Class Raw Materials

We source our raw materials from world leaders like Lenzing and Birla, ensuring the highest quality products for our customers.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Success

VSM Weavess is a family-owned business with over four generations of weaving expertise. Our founders were visionaries who saw the potential of weaving to create beautiful and sustainable textiles. Today, we use the latest technology and techniques to produce innovative and timeless fabrics and yarns. We are committed to delivering quality, consistency, and world-class customer service at competitive prices. At VSM, our passion for weaving is matched only by our dedication to meeting and exceeding our customers' needs.

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Cutting-Edge Technology for Superior Quality

At VSM, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our operations. With a focus on continuous upgradation, we invest in modern machinery and cutting-edge technology to ensure world-class quality. Our spinning infrastructure is constantly updated to achieve the highest productivity with the lowest power consumption, maintaining superior quality and consistency in every product we produce.

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