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Pallava Groups Showcases its Latest Denim Innovations at India's Premiere Exhibition on the Denim Value Chain

Pallava Groups was proud to participate in India's premiere exhibition on the denim value chain held at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai. Our stall showcased the latest denim innovations from our company, including our new line of sustainable denim fabrics and accessories.

Pallava Groups Introduces the Ultimate Denim Yarns for Durable Fashion

Pallava Groups is proud to introduce its latest innovation in denim yarns - the ultimate solution for durable fashion. Our denim yarns have been designed with quality and longevity in mind, ensuring that your denim garments will last for years to come.

Linen and Linen Blends: The Versatile and Sustainable Fabrics for Modern Fashion

Our woven airjet fabrics are the perfect way to elevate your wardrobe with high-quality, sustainable materials. Our fabrics feature the versatile and timeless beauty of linen, as well as linen blends that offer even more unique textures and benefits.

The Power of Responsibility: Managing Waste for a Sustainable Future

Carbon neutral wind power generates clean energy from wind turbines, while solar power utilizes the energy from the sun, and carbon neutral Tencel fibers are sustainably produced using renewable wood sources. Tencel Lyocell, Modal, and Micro technologies all offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional textile manufacturing processes.

Carbon-neutral fibers have been developed according to three environmental pillars:

Lower carbon emission levels from production to reduce carbon footprint

increased use of renewable energy sources

support of verified global carbon reduction projects to compensate for fiber-related emissions that are not yet avoidable.