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Strong, wrinkle-resistant & durable. Resistant to stains, mildew, fading. These are versatile textiles that are easy to care for & machine-washable.

Low pilling: Polyester

Synthetic fibre is known for its strength & durability. It is treated to reduce pilling, creating a smoother and longer-lasting fabric. It is easy to care for and can be machine washed.

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

This is a voluntary certification program for products made from recycled materials, including 100% polyester textiles. It ensures that materials used in the products are verified as recycled and meet environmental and social criteria. Each certified product is labelled with a unique ID for tracking purposes.

Cotlook polyester

Durable and wrinkle-resistant synthetic fabric used in textiles, often identified by high-quality Cotlook grading system for cotton fibers.

Knitting the textile industry for generations

Discover the Art of Knitting Textiles by VSM Weavess India Limited

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Paving the way for responsible business practice.


Paving the way for responsible business practice.


We promote environmental responsibility through eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, pollution control, and renewable energy sources. Our ethical practices ensure safe, healthy, and sustainable manufacturing for the well-being of our planet and people.