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Carbon neutrality

Offsetting carbon emissions from textile production through carbon-reducing initiatives, helping reduce environmental impact and support sustainability. Achieved through measures like renewable energy, waste reduction, and carbon offset projects, carbon neutrality is critical for a sustainable textile industry.

Tencel Lyocell

A sustainable fabric made from wood sources using an eco-friendly closed-loop production process, minimising waste and environmental impact. It's carbon-neutral, soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking, suitable for a variety of textile applications.

Tencel X Feels So Right

Tencel X Feels So Right is a carbon-neutral textile made from sustainable Tencel Lyocell fibres, known for their plush and comfortable feel.


Micro-technology in textiles reduces the carbon footprint of production using renewable energy and recycled materials, promoting sustainability in the industry.

Lenzing Modal Micro

Lenzing Modal Micro is a renewable and sustainable fibre with a low carbon footprint, achieved through the use of renewable energy and emission-reduction projects, making it a great choice for eco-conscious firms.

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Paving the way for responsible business practice.


Paving the way for responsible business practice.


We promote environmental responsibility through eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, pollution control, and renewable energy sources. Our ethical practices ensure safe, healthy, and sustainable manufacturing for the well-being of our planet and people.