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European flax linen blends

European flax linen blends are fabrics combining linen with other fibres like cotton, wool or silk, offering durability, breathability & moisture-wicking properties. Commonly used in home textiles & upholstery.

30/70 Linen Cotton

30/70 linen cotton blends are 30% linen & 70% cotton, with softness & breathability of cotton & durability & natural texture of linen, also offering moisture-wicking properties. Ideal for clothing items & home textiles.

30/70 Linen Viscose

30/70 linen viscose blends 30% linen & 70% viscose, where viscose is man-made from natural sources & linen is natural fibre derived from the flax plant.

30/70 Linen Lycocell

Lightweight, breathable & moisture-wicking fabric made from a blend of Lycocel rayon & linen; perfect for summer clothing & home decor. Linen adds durability, while Lycocel provides the properties of softness.

55/45 Linen Viscose

55% linen, 45% viscose for softness & breathability. It’s the ideal mix of softness and durability.

55/45 Linen Lycocell

Blend of 55% linen & 45% lycocell for enhanced durability, moisture-wicking & softness. It’s highly versatile.

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Paving the way for responsible business practice.


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