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Circular fabrics

Learn about the seamless tube of fabric created on circular knitting machines that offer versatility for various applications. They minimise fabric waste and reduce energy and water use during production. Also, some are made from recycled or upcycled fibres, making them eco-friendly.

Refibra technology

Discover how this sustainable innovation in the textile industry reduces waste by using post-consumer cotton scraps and wood pulp to create new fabrics. The process creates a new cellulose fibre that reduces the carbon footprint of textile production and conserves resources, offering a solution to environmental challenges faced by the several industries.


Explore the eco-friendly textile innovation by Renewcell, a Swedish company that uses recycled cotton and wood pulp to create a soft and durable material. It has a lower environmental impact than traditional methods, requiring up to 95% less water and up to 50% less energy.


Discover the soft, silky qualities of this viscose rayon fabric made from regenerated cellulose fibres. Its sustainable manufacturing process minimises environmental impact, converting cellulose from wood pulp into a viscose solution and extruding it into fibres. This versatile fabric can be blended with other fibres and is available in various colours and patterns.

Knitting the textile industry for generations

Discover the Art of Knitting Textiles by VSM Weavess India Limited

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Paving the way for responsible business practice.


Paving the way for responsible business practice.


We promote environmental responsibility through eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, pollution control, and renewable energy sources. Our ethical practices ensure safe, healthy, and sustainable manufacturing for the well-being of our planet and people.